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Factory OEM Nylon Plastic Pulley Wheel

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Product Description

Factory OEM Nylon Plastic Pulley Wheel

Advantages of Belt pulley:
(1) Pulley drive can mitigate the impact of load;
(2) Belt pulley drive running smoothly, low noise, low vibration;
(3) Belt pulley transmission structure is simple, easy to adjust;Pulley transmission for (4) pulley manufacturing and installation
(4)precision is not as strict as meshing transmission;
(5) Belt pulley transmission has the function of overload protection;
(6) Belt pulley transmission of the two axis center distance adjustment range is large.

European standard pulley installation:
1. check the groove of the belt pulley according to the European standard to ensure that there is no scar or edge. All sizes meet the standard;

2. Clean the surface of all parts of euro standard pulley, and manufacturers of euro standard pulley, such as hub hole, cone
sleeve, bolt hole, etc.Fit the cone set into the pulley so that all the screw holes are aligned.

3. Apply oil on the screw rod and thread of European standard pulley and then screw it into the mounting hole, but do not tighten it for the time being.

4. Clean the surface of the European standard belt pulley drive shaft, push the belt pulley with cone sleeve to the predetermined position on the shaft, and check whether the triangle belt pulley is aligned.

5. When using the European standard belt pulley keyway, it must be inserted into the hub first. There must be a certain tolerance between the keyway and the hole hub.

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As customers' Drawing


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Tolerance: 0.01-0.1mm


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Production Process

Pls send us the drawing of the injection plastic parts we will customized the mold for your require and free injection plastic part sample for reference.

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Dezhou Weichuang Rubber&Plastic Co.Ltd

Dezhou Weichuang Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise in the integration of R&D, production and market
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3.Do you supply design services?
Yes, we could help make drawing according to your request details and application.
4.What about your transportation?
You can choose:
small quantity order we can by airway or by Express ;

large quantity order we transport goods by sea;

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